The DPF1800’s is high-quality machines designed for the professional cleaning of all makes and types of DPF and Cat filters from car to trucks. Used in either automatic or manual mode the DPF1800 will quickly and efficiently clean and restore blocked filters back to original condition.

The DPF1800 is very easy to use with no special operator skills required. The 10" touch panel offers the opportunity to work in many languages to our machine users.

DPF1800 is an excellent and profitable investment. It's fully automatic, just load the filter, do a back pressure test, add the cleaning solution then start the cleaning cycle. Most filters take around 30-40 mins to clean, plus 20-30 mins to dry. After, do another back pressure test which can be printed off for the customer.
More about DPF1800’s

Skills and Experience which Shape the Machines.

Our team combines expertise with unique set of skills for our clients’ satisfaction.

Engineering Marvel
Engineered by KSP team as Best Possible Solution for DPF Cleaning and regeneration!
Research & Development
We carry out a vast research to provide much more efficient solutions.
Effective communication plays one of the primary roles in our work.

Beware of Imitations

Some guys trying to imitate our machines. Whoever try to copy our machines must know that the machine is not only view.
Behind on the KSP products,
There are over 30 years engineering experience and knowledge;
Both young and experienced innovator management team;
Young but experienced engineering team….

KSP has their own software team; the software’s are updating continuously according to new requirements and improvements.

Unique software program which developed specifically for DPF1800, patented KSP private design and its unprecedented superiorities which could not undetectable from the outside make DPF1800 the best DPF regeneration system in the market.

Client Heureux
La Satisfaction

Cleaning Chemicals

Special non-foaming cleaner for the removal of synthetic, animal, vegetable and mineral oils and fats, aromatics, and other hydrocarbons. Ideal for tank cleaning. Opens up the molecular structure of the pollution and converts it into a biodegradable mass. Does not leave any harmfull residues. Suitable for removing oils from stone, asphalt, concrete and other porous surfaces. Also ideal for soil- and tank cleaning.
Instructions for use
Test prior to use in an inconspicuous place. Caution should be exercised when applied on soft metals and painted surfaces. The dosage depends on the nature and extent of the pollution as well as on the processing equipment. Maximum dilution 1: 30 with water. Don’t let the product dry on the surface and afterwards rinse with water.
KSP DPF CLEANING CHEMICAL (PDF) For MSDS form and the other chemicals please contact us....
Clean and Regenerate of ALL Makes And Types Of
DFP / FAP / SCR / CAT / Euro 4, 5, 6
just in One Machine