More Features


Wash and Dry 2 filters At the Same Time
Dry washed filter while you wash another filter. This is another unique superlative specification of DPF1800 that you will not find on any other machine

Support Arm System, Touch Screen
Our support arm systems allow the operator to use the touch screen more securely and ergonomically. It is providing easy access to the touch screen. The 10" touch panel offers the opportunity to work in many languages. You can use touch screen on your own language.

Alarm System
DPF1800 is Equipped with Sensors, Regulators and Relays to Prevent any Connectional Problem

Safety Precautions
DPF1800 is Equipped with Sensors, Safety Buttons, Relays and Light Curtain for Safeness of the users

Environmentally friendly
High quality double stainless steel filtering system; wash and use again

  • No need to cut DPF filters
  • Quickly and efficiently clean and restore blocked filters back to original condition.
  • Perfect workshop design, technical equipment, operational safety
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy installation, easy run
  • Multilingual User Interface 
  • No filter changing costs
  • Continuous and quiet operation
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adapters for filter connection on sufficient quality and quantity
  • No need other technical equipment except for compressor and water
Clean and Regenerate of ALL Makes And Types Of
DFP / FAP / SCR / CAT / Euro 4, 5, 6
just in One Machine