About Us

KSP Machine has been serving in national and international market since 1998 in the fields of Industrial Parts Washing Systems, Engine Reconditioning Machines and Surface Grinding machines. Throughout the years we serve, it is the leading company in the national / international market with its product quality and quality service understanding.
If your products are subjected to washing, degreasing, phosphating, passivation, coating or any surface application process at any stage during your production process, KSP Machine offers the most appropriate solutions to its customers in engineering and manufacturing. KSP Machine continues to offer package solutions to its customers thanks to its Mechanical and Automation Engineers.

KSP increases its export figures day by day with its 20 years of experience, high engineering knowledge, service quality and innovative management approach. Thanks to its quality and trust based service concept, it has become a company which has more than 25 international dealers and exports to more than 65 countries. Using the latest technology and making R & D studies a passion has been followed not followed by international competitors.

Sectors We Serve;
• Industrial Parts Washing Machines and Systems
• Automotive Repair and Maintenance Stations Equipment Cleaning Machines
• Aviation and Defense Industry
• Transportation and Logistics Industry
• Heavy Duty Sector
• Machining Sector
• Food Industry
• Electrical, Electronic Sector
• Medical, Optics and Dentistry
• Metal Goods, Coating and Pre-Paint Preparation Systems
• Coating and Phosphating Systems
• Surface Treatment Systems

Industrial Washing Machines and Systems that we produce;
• Ultrasonic Washing Machines,
• Multi-Station Ultrasonic Washing Systems,
• Robot Carrying Ultrasonic Washing Systems,
• Cabin Type Automatic Washing Systems,
• Rotary Basket Top Load High Pressure Washing Machines,
• Front Load High Pressure Washing Machines with Rotary Basket,
• Multi Process Washing-Rinsing-Drying Machines,
• Immersion Type Washing Machines,
• High Pressure Cabin Washing Machines,
• DPF Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning Machines,
• Multi Station Belt Type Washing Systems,
• Tunnel Type Conveyor Series Washing Machines


Our factory located in Konya Industrial Area closely follows the technology within the scope of manufacturing techniques and all of the machine manufacturing up to design stages, testing and installation stages are performed within KSP.
KSP aims to produce highest quality machinery by bringing together our R & D and manufacturing team. Following the latest technology closely, thanks to experienced mechanical engineers, computer and IT engineers, electrical-electronic technicians / engineers are projected in line with customer needs and machine manufacturing is done meticulously.

Our values

• To add value to our customers through various process applications on their needs.
• To keep in mind that our employees are valuable.
• To take base technological development in all of our activities and investments.
• To ensure sustainability in product quality and service.