Discover DPF1800

All 3 different models DPF1800 is giving you opportunity to back-pressure test which shows see particulate filter were how much dirty before the washing process.
A back-pressure test is carried out to check the blockage level and this testing is a benefit for you to see the how particulate filter were dirty.

DPF1800 chooses the best program to clean the DPF after the test result. According to the test result DPF1800 detects the filters status how dirty it is; and automatically adjusts the washing times periods and cleaning cycles accordingly.
This is noticeably big advantage for the beginner users for determining which time and periods for best cleaning results. 

Manual Washing Program selection grants experienced users to choose cycles and washing time as they desire. 
Manual Washing Program grants to the user to choose washing cycles, periods, washing time in order to avoid spend more time, electric, consumables etc according to their experience which they gained while they using DPF1800 on automatic washing program. 
So, DPF1800 provides more effectiveness to our customers with using less time, electric, consumables etc. This feature is a unique and noticeably big advantage which not existed on any other competitor machines for the buyers who prefer DPF1800.

DRYING is the critical process for Diesel Particulate filter regeneration after washing. Washed diesel particulate filters must dry properly after washing. Many of other competitors has no drying unit or has inefficient drying units. DPF1800's drying systems have contained a powerful blower and very effective air heaters. The system has equipped with thermocouples. You can set drying temperature and time the touch screen, and you can observe current temperature the touch screen.

Clean and Regenerate of ALL Makes And Types Of
DFP / FAP / SCR / CAT / Euro 4, 5, 6
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